Products (Oxygen Based)                                                 Services

#1 Cleanser                                             $29            Dermacycling Facial                                     $70

#2 Serum                                                $39            Add on Oxygen to Dermacyling Facial         $25

#3 Toner                                                 $29            Oxygen Infusion Facial                                 $70

#4 Alpha & MSM Cream                       $39             Airbrush Makeup                                        $55

#4 Whipped Oxygen Cream                  $39              Cymatic Therapy (uses MK6 machine)       $70

Two hour Sessions                                $100             Non Linear Scans (Health)                          $70

All seassions for health are approximately one hour. Skin sessions start at forty five Minutes and will vary based on type of treatment and individual needs. It is recommended that for first Health sessions two hour sessions should be considered because of time involved to find in-balances and addresss them appropiately.

Process for your appointment:

1. Arrive on time (15minutes early on first visit to fill out initial client information)

2.Wear comfortable clothing.

3. Sessions will last for approximately one hour.

4.If your appointment is for health scan refrain from food, coffee, supplements and medications for at least two hours prior to appointment. (if health permits)    This will provide you with most accurate results.

5. Limit health issues to the two most urgent concerns per visit. It is futal to try to address every health issue in one session. Most of the time the most dominate concern is the creator of  other health issues and will self correct as major issues are addressed.

It is highly recommended that all first  health related scan appointmens be a two hour session because of the amount of time in finding the in-balances and addressing them appropiately.