A Quick Survey to Determine If Holistic Therapies Are Good Choices For YOU!

Cymatic Therapy & Dermacycling


Micro Current Facial

Micro Current Facial

Do You Adapt To Change Easily? Yes_______No_______

Are You Willing To Try New Things? Yes_______No_______

Do You Have To Have Your Dr’s Opinion On All Health Choices? Yes_______No_______

Do You Believe That Traditional Medicine Is The Only Option For Your Healing Process? Yes_______No_______

Have You Been On Medication For 2 - 10 Years Yes_______No_______

If You Answered No To Question 1-2 and Yes to Question 3-5, You May Not Be A Good Candidate For Holistic Therapies. Even If You Don’t Think That Holistic Therapy Is Right For You , Please Continue To Check Out The Rest Of Our Website Since Holistic Means Whole, We Address Whole Body Needs . We Try To Offer Something For Everyone Whether It’s A Service, Product, Or An Educational Moment That Gave You Some Information That You Did Not Have Before Your Visit. Please Visit Often, We Try To Offer New And Exciting Choices As We Find Them. Come Anytime, You Are Always Welcome.