Cymatic Therapy & Dermacyling began in 2013

In 2013 Lil Stone decided to bring the knowledge and experience that she had acquired by owning and operating a local health food shop and a cosmetology school. Lil has always had an interest in alternative health choices and skin. She has always felt that nataral choices were always a better choice for herself.

Lil has had an interest in sound therapy since the mid nineties. Lil did not know where she was headed at the time, she just knew that it was time to do something using the knowledge that she had acquired to date. When she looked up sound therapy, the name Dr Peter Guy Manners of the UK came up. After reading about Dr. Manner's accomplishments in the UK using the MK machines that he had designed. She became fascinated with his accomplishments as Medical Doctor that never wrote a prescription. Through her research she learned  that the first machine was marketed in the UK in 1967 by Dr. Manners and had evolved from around 300 programs to the latest machine; the MK6, having 698 programs. It was very much of interest when she learned that the first eight years that it was on the market it was used for pain. After being in the Health Food & Supplement industry for 12 years, she knew how much that could help people.

A few weeks later the MK6 arrived in Huntsville, Al and Lil's life has changed for the better since then. She works with people by appointment only. Her practice consist of several alternative therapy choices, all of which are non invasive.