Holistic Health Choices & Medicine

My thoughts and experiences with health choices. I believe that we agree that  all of us want basically  the same things. We want to live well, be healthy and happy for as long as we are here on planet earth.

  • Fact: By the time you have your first symptom, your illness is at a chronic stage.
  • Fact: Your illness did not occur over night. It has been in the process for at least two to three years. You will not fix it over night.
  • Fact: You and God are the healers. Not your Doctor or your Practitioner. 
  • Fact: Both Medicine and Alternative Holistic Therapies have value.

The different choices that exist today can be a bit overwhelming. When choosing what is best for you, be open to the possibility that it might take both Medicine and Holistic Alternatives  to reach your desired outcome. 

Medicine can be tracked back to 3000 BC .Edwin Smith Papyrus  is sometimes credited with being the founder of ancient Egyptian Medicine and with being the original author of the Edwin Smith Papyrus, detailing cures, ailments and anatomical observations. Ayurveda can be tracked by to 5000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine is about 2000 years old. not to mention Native American Indian Shamanism. It is virtually impossible for all of these healing traditions to have passed the test of time if they were not of benefit in the healing process.

My observation of Medicine is that it provides quick relief from symptoms, is covered by insurance is supported by Big Pharma and has great testing  and is not geared to permanent healing.

My observation of Holistic Alternative Therapies is that it is based on finding the reason for the illness, is based on the realization that everything is energy and that when you provide the body with the proper energy balance the body will heal it's self. Holistic protocol uses natural choices such as proper diet, exercise, herbs, sound, bioresonance and many other choices.

The number one complaint with Holistic is not that it doesn't work but that it is not affordable based on it not being covered by insurance. I challenge you all to do the math. Average sessions are between $50-$100 with no prescription.

Medicine covered by insurance, co - pay $35-$40 at least one to four prescriptions with some being as high as $300-$1000 for 30 day supply. Regular Dr's visits with on going medication for the remainder of life span.

Why not use Holistic to balance systems and as a preventative and Medical for emergencies, diagnostics and temporary pain relief instead of long term addictions. Before you have that next surgery, you owe it to yourself explore your options.

All of you out there that are Doctor oriented, please keep this in mind before you book with a practitioner. That Practitioner spent Thousands of dollars to learn how to help you be the best that you can be. They are sure to be there way before you arrive and they will be there long after you leave trying to find the cause of your problem. They want you to be well and not need their service.    What they want from you is for you to be well, happy and help them promote their business. They are pioneers and do not have Big Pharma backing them. The next time you get help from a practitioner, tell someone (tell a bunch of someone's) because the next time you need help they may not be there because they couldn't afford to continue to fund their business out of pocket.

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