Non Linear Scans (NLS)

Non Linear Scans are not new. They are amazing systems that  date back 30 plus years. The NLS is not well known in the US, yet, but is widely used in other countries. The NLS is based on physics instead of chemistry. It was designed by Medical Doctors from all over the world and is in 75 different languages.

The NLS uses the clients brain waves to detect energy imbalances in the body. It is safe for most individuals. It is non invasive and painless. It uses Bioresonance, which simply means "Matching Frequencies" It is a well known fact that everything has a frequency.

What to expect when having a NLS Scan.

The client gets a tour of the office with a brief discription of what every system does, briefly discusses her/his therapy needs. The client is then guided to an anti-gravity chair where the headset is placed on the clients head. Within a matter of minutes the scan is finished and the client will be asked if they would like to have Meta Therapy treatment. In the three plus years that I have been doing this therapy, I have never had anyone refuse the Meta Therapy treatment. It is painless and non invasive. It can be a stand alone therapy or a compliment to other therapies, including traditional medicine. It is not intended to take the place of medical advice or medical treatment.